CommaMed is actively involved in the 38th Iranian Congress of Radiology, where they are showcasing their expertise. Their demonstration highlights the collaborative potential between radiologists and AI solutions, emphasizing the synergistic outcomes achieved through integrated workflows. Attendees are encouraged to explore the CommaMed Demo Station, where they can engage in private meetings and firsthand product demonstrations to gain insights into the innovative technologies and solutions offered by CommaMed.

At the European Congress of Radiology (ECR) 2024, Dr. Mehran Arab Ahmadi from Tehran University of Medical Sciences in Iran presented a groundbreaking study showcasing the transformative potential of artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms in improving breast cancer detection metrics among junior radiologists. This research has significant implications, offering a promising solution to enhance the effectiveness of radiology departments globally.

Breast cancer remains a leading cause of cancer-related deaths among women worldwide, highlighting the critical importance of early detection through mammography screening. However, this task poses challenges due to the need for high-resolution imaging to identify small lesions within varying fibro glandular patterns. Dr. Arab Ahmadi’s study illustrated how AI can act as a valuable tool in aiding junior radiologists, thereby boosting their diagnostic capabilities.

In collaboration with colleagues, Dr. Arab Ahmadi examined the impact of AI algorithms on radiologist performance using a dataset of 2,060 digital mammography exams. The findings were remarkable: AI assistance significantly improved radiologist performance metrics, including sensitivity and specificity. Particularly noteworthy was the achievement of a sensitivity rate of 92.9% by radiologists supported by AI, a crucial aspect during the screening process.